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You are ready or you simply would not be reading this. Let go and let your divine self lead you to a greater destiny than you could ever imagine. Feel the bliss of your magical self calling you to fun, happiness, passion and much much more. It is time to fully embrace your power. It is time to meet your soul family and connect with your cosmic tribe. It your time to shine!


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This is the most exciting time that the World has ever seen. You are changing into the best version of yourself... Join my group in NYC as we spin our Merkabas in Central Park and around the globe with the lovely Taunya and Elan. You can join in on Skype and when we are there we look forward to meeting you in person.


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Blog post #2 – Bombing them the right way

Hello lovely lightworkers,

The last few days have been full of amazing energetic connections. My Twin Flame Angelina and I are still spiritually high as a kite from the snow full moon, eclipse and divine comet events that are still turbo charging things. This is a very powerful launch energy that is taking things to a whole different level. Early in the night we, spontaneously, decided to put out a friendship bomb on ‘Lightworkers of the World’ Facebook group and the love that has been floating around it has been really powerful. There are many new connections that are being heightened by the divine outpouring of love that the heavenly forces are putting into place.

This was the post –

“Tonight is a very special night of new triumphant beginnings and massive shifts in positive energy that will continue for the next few weeks so let’s ride the wave of positivity. They say that everyone is within six degrees of separation from anyone else in the world. Maybe this is the moment that you meet your dreams and fulfill your destiny. Maybe this is the chain reaction that will bring you the friend that defines that word or the lover that fulfills your twin flame prophecy. Enjoy the new friendships no matter where they lead.”

We posted and forgot about it. I thought that it would maybe get a few likes and we’d make a few friends, but suddenly the energetic rush of love was really intense. That feeling of deja vu was there and we could feel the grid lighting up.

We are both empaths and have recently felt, as most sensitives have been feeling, the great polarity shift that is happening globally. The dark is getting darker as events are showing but the light that is expanding is more than has ever been on this planet before. This is lighting up all that needs changed and revealing what has been going on that we are only now becoming aware of. Our part in this, as Lightworkers, is to live in as much freedom, peace and joy as we possibly can. This shift is about our state of consciousness and the more we vibe with our global tribe, the more we are carried on the waves of high vibration to the place we all want to create together. This is part of the excitement that came with this post.

Years ago, when I first awoke, I had an experience of amazing energy moving through me from my crown chakra down through my body and out into the ground. The energy, still connected to me moved outwards sparkling in all different colours throughout the whole earth as I was standing there. As soon as the energy had subsided I made a quick sketch so I could remember it.

“As I lifted my arms it came through me and dispersed all over the World. Lighting up what looked like chicken wire in different layers and different colours. The shapes becoming smaller and smaller all over the globe in a big network of tiny capillaries. I felt like I had just plugged into the planet. Feeling joy and voices of everyone and everything and a sense of having arrived. Like I was ready for something but I didn’t know what.”

When I first posted the friend bomb I had a deja vu about this happening and as the connections began to grow, I felt it more and more. This time is a turning point in our mission as Lightworkers. In the run up to this time I was urged to get this website up and running for all the souls that are ready to awaken and that will need help energetically. When I awoke I had no idea that my Twin Flame was in Spain and had no urge to go there at all apart from maybe a holiday. If you are still waiting to meet yours and they are incarnated right now they are in one of the countries below. There is a friend waiting to happen in each of these places for all of us too and many people just waiting to wake up into their divine magnificence. Each one of these places needs our love and there are Lightworkers in them all. There are no wars anymore if we join together in love. There are no borders anymore if we connect our hearts, minds and souls. There is friendship, passion, prosperity and peace for us all if we start to see these flags as beautiful wrapping paper containing the magnificent gift of divine connection and start to embrace it fully.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 05.11.39

As the names grew and the connections added both me and my Angelina, people were being very kind and the deja vu’s continued. I was posting a hello to all that added me as well as a link to an article that Anna Merkaba had written about her experiences with one of my books. To my surprise two of the adds were people who were in the middle of reading my first Metatron book. Latika Sharma and Urvashi Goja were the ladies and very enthusiastic about it. Urvashi said “I am already reading this book! Don’t tell you are the one who wrote it!” And sent me this pic –

This happened because the friendship bomb dropped at the perfect time and raised our vibration so that beautiful things happened to us. That is my gift from this blanket friendship bombing and the only collateral damage is goodwill and wonder at the magnificence of the Universe.

This is the only type of bombs that we should ever drop. And we should drop them more and more often. Love bombs, peace bombs, healing bombs and bombs of joy. Bombs of hope and bombs of light. It’s the only way to do this right. We are the wayshowers and the scribes of change. The old ways are never going to work. Even those flags were designed by someone else, following someone else’s agenda. Those are the colours of our past and the wrapping paper of our future. It’s time to unwrap the gifts the Universe wants us to see.

If you want to add your name and find a new friend on this thread,  HERE is the post again.

(You may have to join the facebook group first)

Blessings and love to you all,

Thank you for reading,

Robbie Mackenzie

PS – Please share if you feel inspired.

PPS – Posting on this thread has been disabled now as it was so popular it was stopping others getting new posts in the group. But that doesn’t stop you going on and liking the beautiful loving souls that have already opened their hearts to make new connections. And if you share it too we could feasibly reach souls in EVERY country on the flag list. This comet may have started the avalanche of love that ignites all 144,000 of us into our divine potential. Each twin soul with their other half!

PPPS- – I just remembered that we did two friendship bombs that night. One was on my own page so if you would still like to participate you can add your name here. If you’ve found your way synchronistically here then this may be the reason for it.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon

First post dedicated to Tanya Mackenzie



Hello lovely people,

We recently had a massive shock when my sister-in-law Tanya passed away a few weeks ago. She was only 46 and one of the most honest and real people that I have ever met. I have known her since I was five years old and her death is still sinking in now.

Tanya was not a religious or traditionally spiritual person. She didn’t meditate or do any practice in that regard at all. She was just simply genuine and kind and would do anything for anyone that asked. She often helped me out when I needed it and finally became a member of our family when she married my brother last year. The truth is she had always been a part of the family but was very pleased to have the official title. She hadn’t even been married a year before she was taken from us.

I know that she is okay and has passed through the veil of illusion to the other side of life but the human part of me is still coming to terms with someone so young not being part of my life anymore. Grief is one of the hardest things to bear and one of the most potent catalysts for change that we ever face.

I turn 46 this year also and that is part of the reason why I have made the concerted effort to get this website up and running at last. Life, in this form is fleeting and we will never be in this form, with this set of circumstances again. Each life is unique and every character within it is playing a new role in each incarnation. I was blessed to know Tanya in this lifetime and her approach to life and the lives that she touched will always stand as a great example of what the religious and spiritual experience is striving for in character.

I am dedicating this first post on the site to you Tanya. Thank you for your friendship and being a stalwart throughout the years. You will forever be in our hearts.

Blessings and love to you all,

Thanks for reading,

Robbie Mackenzie



If you know you have something more to do with this life than simply exist, and feel a better destiny awaiting you, you are reading this for a reason!
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