A little bit about Angel Sun


Angel is an Angelic healer & lightworker. She has been connected to the higher realms for as long as she can remember. A sensitive empath, she found her center after discovering yoga and meditation.



After a very powerful kundalini awakening that left her in no doubt as to the reality and omnipotence of the divine. Her mission has been to serve the oneness in humility and grace. She gave up modeling only to be led back to it as the model for the Metatron campaign because she believes in the books.


Her power is in her presence. A catalyst for transformation, she allows the energies to work through her and trusts fully in the synchronistic nature of the Universe.

She delights in seeing people fulfilling their divine potential. She sees each person as perfect in their own design and through purity of intent, helps people come to their own healing and realizations.

Read about how we met and our path together in our book Twin Flames, Merkabas and more.

A message from Angel Sun – May 4th, 2021 –

My FB profile: Angelina Saunderson

My FB page: Angel Sun
(Brand name)

I feel these names describe aspects of my soul essence & my soul group expression… (All 12 beings) 🌞🌻 

This is my FB group –  Angel Sun’s New Earth

I am also an admin of Robbie’s new FB group –  iMETATRON

I am excited about these New Earth projects. We already have such beautiful communities there.

Please join these groups if you are interested in –

Metatron, metaphysics, meditation,

Fun, joy & humor,

Self-development/ Angel Books & more 📚
(By Robbie Mackenzie)

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I look forward to connecting with you all.

In Divine Service,

Angel Sun

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