Midsummer Light Stream


Greetings, I am Lord Metatron, the Angelic presence that encompasses the Universe. I am indeed, you. You are indeed me. We are one. And as you, as a species have gotten to this point in your consciousness, of your awareness, the whole of the heavenly hierarchy, all those emanations of spirit is to bring your species into the understanding that you are divine. Everything that is happening is a reflection of your own consciousness. Of your own separate entity experiencing yourself in all the different ranges of diversity. What may seem like devastation, chaos, and destruction happening on your Earth plane just now is actually a very positive thing for you are breaking down old barriers. You are breaking down old prejudices. You are breaking down old negativities. Beginning to see the power structures for what they are. The corruption for what it is. The manipulations for how they are controlling you or not controlling you.

You are waking up dear ones.

As you are at this gathering, as you are accessing this material, as you are consciously, deliberately investing in your own ascension, in your own completion, in your own transformation of this stage of your evolution, it is time to take a step back from everything that is happening globally to center yourself in the peace, the love, the truth. Recognizing that everything has come to this point. This is a very powerful point in your astrology. It is a very powerful point in your understanding of time, your linear concept of time.

Everything moves towards a point of emancipation.

You are coming out of the darkness; you are ready to flower as a species. This will happen more rapidly in your personal experience as you surrender fully, as you judge none, as you transform yourself, as you rejoice in all of the happenings. Do not lament anything, do not see anything as a negative. See everything as a process for as the seed is dropped in the dirt it completely unravels before it grows, before it rises to the sun out of the darkness.

You are transformed and you are ready.

We called this point for your transmission ‘Midsummer Light Stream’ for this is a point in your transformation that you have never been before in this batch of your species evolution. It is a zero point, it is a point of immense power, of transformation. Of anchoring yourself in the reality you wish to have and of letting go of all the realities you do not wish to have.

It is a choice point.

It is a point where all the trains leave the station so to speak. And there are many that will be leaving the station into devastation and the experience of tragedy. There are many that will be leaving into the experience of ascension and power and peace and passion and fun and abundance and joy. As you are in this gathering you are here to choose. Many do not have the choice point, only because their point in evolution is to experience these things. You have experienced these things on many other planets in many other points in your spiritual evolution in your incarnations. For this incarnation,

you are holders of the light, bringers of the dawn

You are here to bring everything into alignment, to center yourself, to move forward on the Light stream of creation, of choosing your reality, of expanding your power. And as you expand your power without agenda, as you expand your power with only the playfulness of your own personal spirit, your own personal mission, you help all beings, you hep all beings rise up into the light. And in this reality, you are here to create the utopia that is before you.

This is not a political ideology

This is a spiritual evolution into the next point of your understanding together, of the next point of your telepathic communication together, of the next point of you recognizing that you are Christed beings, of recognizing that you can tap into the unconditional love and realize yourself within the divine cube of Metatron. This is only a reflection of your consciousness. You are here to experience this in its fullest sense and to manifest this within your personal experience.

You have chosen the Avatar in which you are inhabiting right now with all of its idiosyncrasies.

Do not attach onto the label that you have given yourself or that others have given you. Recognize the ability to change, to morph, to transform, to choose a higher path, to move into a path of freedom, a path, or transformation. As you do this you allow the spirit to flow through you, you allow your Merkaba to open fully. As you allow your Merkaba to open fully you will bathe in the bliss – that is the goal. It is the creation point of all manifestation. When this is your only goal – all things will be added to you. This is the point of creation. This is the point where you can create whichever life you wish to have.

There are many around the world that need your light

And you must be pulled in the direction of your passion to live your highest purpose. There is everything on the Earth plane that you need, everything that you desire. This is the jumping-off point for the next stage of your species evolution. This is the opening to the Galactic Council for the next stage of your adventures. For you to realize that Galactic beings have been around you for thousands of years, watching you intently, loving you in deep kindness, in deep respect. You are ready for this, you are ready to open up multi-dimensionally to your ships of light. You are ready to ride the waves of the ascension that is coming upon you. This Planet in its current form cannot continue the way that it has been because the frequency has been raised. And as the frequency raises the version of the Earth that is descending into calamity must drop off. For all those who are of a frequency to be able to access this channeling are creating the New Earth. Are creating with a new awareness of your abilities, of your expansion of joy, fun, and peace. You have moved through a cycle of transformation.

This is the next stage of exponential growth.

This is the next stage of fun, of passion, of light – the light stream that will bring you into a deeper understanding of your creational abilities. Letting go of your lower selves. The flower does not identify with the seed as itself. But it honors the seed in its past. Let go of your seed self. Let go of the chaos that you have had in the dirt. Embrace your flower, embrace yourself opening up to the sun. To the light, to the beauty, to the completion, you are ready.

We shall open the floor to any questions you may have.

Louise – I’ll ask a question if I may Archangel Metatron, it’s Louise. What guidance can you offer myself, can you offer us, about things that we should be working on in our Ascension journey, our ascension path that we are not currently doing at the moment. Possibly even overlooked that you think would be very beneficial to focus on. Thank you very much Archangel Metatron and of course thank you very much Robbie.

For your personal journey, it is a case of refining your plan. It is a case of opening up to deeper points of your Yoga. And by Yoga we mean union, this is your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical vessels. This is you looking towards your healing center. This is you looking towards your daily routine. You already have a purity of intent that is opening you up. You already have the instructions before you, this is about you moving forward in greater belief of your plan. You are already doing what you need to be doing. Open up the passion, open up the love, open up the love. Plan, script, script your experiences. Write about what you wish to experience. Put it out to the Aether. Open up to your ships of light that are already over the healing center that you wish to create. You are much further forward than you think you are. Continue on as you are. You are doing much better than you think. Does this answer your question?

Yes, it does and I’m very very grateful to you Archangel Metatron, thank you both once again.

Be brave with your questions.

Louise – It’s Louise again, I have another question if there’s a space. It’s basically, I hope it applies to other people as well, I am very, very keen to work with our star being families and I’m very much at the moment drawn to work with our Galactic ascended masters. Do you have any guidance or tips that you think would be appropriate for myself and anyone else that wants to work more with our Galactic family particularly at this time? Thank you once again.

You are all already working with your Galactic families. This is about your perception of how that is happening and about you clearing the vision of your perception. Work on your column of light. This is a very real thing. It is a very real bridge dimensionally first before the dimensions are bridged. As you work on your column of light that you have been given within the Galactic Council books your perception opens up. Again this is about your plan and how you wish to manifest this. This is about your Galactic Family. This is about the version of social media that you have **Laughs** been given to yourselves with the Galactic Council. They are already connecting with you socially dear ones, you are already and have already been connecting with your Galactic family. This is about your perception of that connection. It is about how you allow yourself to open up to the connections and the reality of being faced within the physical with Galactic beings. This is why this is gradual. This is why we give you crop circles. This is why we give you gentle mysteries that you may seek out the contact more and more. That you may go deeper within your breath. That you master your Merkaba, that you open yourself up to the Galactic energies. There will be no Alien invasion, apart from ones that are organised by people who wish to manipulate you and keep you in fear.

Recognize this, the Galactic Council and all of the Galactic beings love you and wish the best for you.

There are some species that are not yet past the ring-pass-not who are of a dark vibration and wish to trap and ensnare you, however, you are already of a vibration where you never have to EVER connect with any of that.

Always the task is to move from fear to love.

It is a very, very simple process. It is complex in many of the different ways that it manifests but it is always that simple. You are moving from fear into love. Fear is trepidation, anxiety doubt, love is surety, embodying you being a being of love, infinite and eternal. The more you move towards love in all of its manifestations, the easier it becomes and the more clear your perception becomes. This is the task, this is what you are here for and at this point – you are ready for this.

 Do not be pulled down – do not be pulled back.

But this is all here for a reason, for the human vessel being faced with this concept on a very real level without the proper preparations can be very shocked. You are already suffering from trauma from your own species manipulating you. This is part of your developing consciousness. But the next stage, the next step of Galactic awareness needs you to seek it out. Needs you to work on yourself, needs you working on your column of light, working on your consciousness, and also being very honest with yourself.

Honesty is the key, honesty is love

This opens up the energy of your psychology, this opens up the energy of your understanding, this opens up the energy of your physiology, this opens up the very real experience of your kundalini raising through your chakra system to your pineal gland and you opening up everything within your mind, within your four-body system mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The more you do this, the more you invest in your own self, in your own evolution, in your own ascension, the closer you come to connecting on a physical level with your Galactic family. They are gently ushering you in, they love you, they see your strength, they see your power and they see your perceived fragility but you are stronger than you think. You are much stronger than the situations that seem to be dominating you and oppressing you just now. You are expanding in love, expanding in courage, expanding in the next stage of your understanding of what you can create. You are ready for this, you are opening up to this and it is the excitement of this, this next stage.

From the place of mundanity to Galactic travel.

It is a BIG step for your species!

And it is an exciting step when you realize it is a real thing. The deeper you go in your dimensional awareness, the deeper you surrender and the more you work on the many facets of your spiritual expansion the easier it will be and the closer you will come. Those who are actively and consciously working on their Merkaba and their kundalini and their chakras, opening up the Toroidal field of understanding, each one of you has already been in contact with your Galactic Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Fatherhood, Motherhood.

You have already experienced contact.

But that contact has a mask over it just now. This is symbolic right now for there is a mask of oppression and there is a mask of perception. The mask of perception, and indeed the doors of perception are being blown wide open. As you surrender and let yourself come into your peace, come into your power, you will recognize that this has been there as a safeguard. This is part of what we call the ring-pass-not. What you are working forward towards. And each time you recognize this as an epiphany, each time you recognize this as a real thing, the excitement levels open, the kundalini rises, the energy is broken free from all control systems that you put on yourself, that you put on others and that you accept from society, from your control systems and you truly move into freedom. You truly move into power, you truly move into expansion, you truly move into love.

This is the bridge.

This is the next stage of your Galactic contact. This is the next stage of your power. Every point in your life, every person that you meet, every situation that you find yourself in is the perfect one for your point of evolution right now. The more you raise your vibration, the more you invest in your Galactic core, in your divine existence, the easier this becomes and the more aware you become of your Galactic family. We encourage you writing, we encourage you scripting, we encourage you creating in excitement from moment to moment to moment to moment, to lift up the next stage of your understanding of what you are creating within this template of the earth plane that you find yourself in, in this incarnation.

For this species, this time, this moment, this day, this hour is the most powerful time you have ever experienced.

This is the bridge of the next stage. You came to a point of your understanding within your species where you agreed to the point of your scribing of time in 2012 of the tipping point of your consciousness. You have had a cycle since then to embed this next stage and things have been building and building and building and opening up ready for Galactic consciousness, ready for Galactic contact, ready for your species to become a Galactic civilization. And for you to experience physically as well as inter-dimensionally the next stage of your expansion. Follow your highest point of joy, your excitement, your fun.

What have you created for yourself within this paradigm right now?

For this is the point of change, this is the point of the heartbeat exploding. You are ready for this, you have been working towards this. And the more you are excited about what you have in front of you the more you will realize there is nowhere to go. Everything always happens from this point for this point is the only point there ever is. It is the point of you realizing the point that creates the fun of the creation, of the expansion. This is the zero point for your consciousness in this next level of your species advancement. The more you surrender to it, the more you allow it, the more you love it, the more you love each character, the more you love each experience, the more you see this as a divine gift, the more you will come to contact, the more you will come to recognize the contacts you already have in the Galactic realms. All of the dimensions are open right now. This is the portal of the expansion of your perception, right now.

Embrace it, have fun with it.

Each different character, even if they seem mundane, even if they seem unaligned, even of they seem as if they are ready to drag your vibration down by parroting some programmed response. Love them, help them, give love to them silently. Recognize what is happening on your Earth plane just now and love every part of it, every part of it. You are ready to explode in love where you are from this point. You will help all beings rise as you do. And you will experience exactly what you need to experience right now. Your Christed self is one, your Krishna self, your Buddha self, your divine self. Do not hold to the labels. Do not hold to anything that creates division for it is all one. It is your experience of your divine creation.

There is no above, there is no below there is only an experience.

And this point in your evolution brings you to the next point of you understanding the power that you have to create the reality that you wish to have. Because you have created this paradigm, this is the paradigm you are being encouraged to play within. To enjoy, and as you do so, this is you riding the light stream. It is from this point that everything opens up. It is from this point you let go of the perception of negativity or control. It is from this point, this point always is this point. Because you are flowering you are ready to hear this. This point is the point of love. This point is the point of freedom.

This is the exciting point where you are ready to travel the Galaxy!

This is the point where you will see, what you have been told, what is true, what Is not true, about your history, about your system. This is the point where that is blown out of the water, as you say. And we are you. We are you, rejoicing in your experience, in your point of focus. Trust in this, breathe this in, feel the mightiness, feel the mightiness within you expanding, exploding over and over again. It is this state of being that helps everybody else rise up to the next stage of their evolution.

Does this answer your question?

You are amazing Archangel Metatron, thank you so much I am just so impressed with all that you’ve said. And I would be willing to work as an ambassador with the star being at some point. That was one of the reasons that prompted me to ask the question, thank you so much.

You already are, as you are working with the books, The Clarion Call helping people open their Merkaba. With the Healing Book helping people with the downloads and the upgrades. Helping with the Galactic Council Books one and two when people are ready to feel their divine selves, you are already an ambassador. And it is not just about being a go-between, between ships landing. It is about emancipating people into their higher Self, of sense, their sense of self, their sense of awareness, their power within. The expanding of their light, their love, their truth, their peace, their power, and in this place, in this experience, in this commitment to love, that is you being the best ambassador you can be. Thank you for your service.

Marie – Good morning everyone, I have a question for Archangel Metatron. I know this may sound a little silly but I feel like I have been doing many changes and letting go of many bad things in my life. And I want to know if this is part of my purpose, my life purpose. I feel like I am being called to something I just don’t know what and I want to know if this is anything to do with that.

There are no silly questions. This is a wonderful point of your path. In surrendering and letting go and being aware of patterns that do not serve you, you move to the next point. What has served you in the past will not serve you on the next stage, so this is wise. And it is all part of the next stage of your path opening up, it is the next stage of your expansion. Of you being able to embody more light, more love, more cosmic energy. more flow of kundalini, more power. The path will become more clear. You have not scribed your best-case scenario, you have not written it down yet. The next stage of this is you honoring the next stage by writing it down. You are right, you are being led, you are beginning to see the synchronicities, you are beginning to follow the light that is opening up within you. You are beginning to expand upon the path more and more.

We recommend you do the chi balls.

Do the chi balls from the healing book in daily practice. And as you fill the chi balls and you send love to all the different situations that need your love right now you will feel yourself expanding. And every time that you clap the chi ball for yourself, send this off with the intention of your highest, best-case scenario and you will watch as it unfolds. This is the next stage of the practical application we would suggest for your life. From this point open up to your intuition and write down what feels best, what feels most exciting.

There is no particular prescribed path for anyone.

There are certain practices that all will benefit from to move you into the point of oneness within yourself, these are Universal, the Ring-Pass-Not is Universal. All are on that path, however, the individual path of your own personal excitement, your own personal passion, your own personal fun, your own personal interest – that is purely unique to you. When you do the chi balls it helps open this up. It helps give you perspective on where you want to go. On what will give you the most fulfilling life or what will open you up to your center point where you emanate the love.

This is the highest task for all beings

In this transformation of consciousness is to center yourself and be the love that you are, for you are love, you are embodiments of love. Your personal path will be helped by you doing the chi balls – this will raise the vibration, help break up the energy that is happening just now – for everybody. And it will help you move to the path that you will prescribe yourself. You have great creative control over your experience. Embrace this, have fun with this, enjoy this. Does this answer your question?

Yes, thank you so much.

We will take one more question.

Hi, it’s Meghan, I have a question, it’s how do I move forward in writing a book I am planning.

You have used the Clarion Call books before?


You have moved forward through all four books?

No, just the one, but I am writing a book on the violet flame.

With your energies, you are ready to write the book anyway. You are ready to move forward through the process of expansion already. It is already there for you. The more you surrender to the path you are upon right now, the easier it will be, you are a trance medium. The more you surrender to your Merkaba, the more inspired you will be, and the more you will feel the next stage opening up for you. We suggest the course that we have laid down before you of the Clarion Call, the Healing book, and the Galactic Council books. But in your doing the Clarion Call you have already connected to the next stage of your expansion.

Your inspiration will come rapidly!

This will not always just come when you are sitting at the screen. This will come when you are sleeping, this will come when you are eating, this will come when you are exercising, and when you are relaxing. Be ready to open up to the inspiration that is the next stage of your expansion. And as you do, as you trust, as you make it a priority every day, half an hour, every day, half an hour will turn into an hour, will turn into many hours as you expand. But your guides only ask for half an hour of your time. The more you invest in your spiritual awareness and your ascension path the easier this will become.

There are many different ways that we are seeing you opening up in your writing.

There are many different points that you are being encouraged towards with your kundalini. There are many different exercises that are before you that you are not fully investing in, that you are not fully committing to, and once you do you will move forward. We would say do not fear anything. Let go in abandon, feel your heart opening, as your heart opens it is easier for you to spin your Merkaba.

We asked you about the course because we see you putting down the foundations for courses to help people. And as you surrender to your higher self and especially the divine connection that comes from the Arcturians, you come into a place of feeling comfortable with this process.

This is the obstacle in the way of you fully unleashing your creative potential.

It is you getting into the flow of you feeling comfortable within the process. You will commit to this at differing points of your awareness. But the point of surrender is upon you over these next few weeks for you to recognize how powerful this is and the flow that is ready for you to expand upon. Let go, surrender, half an hour, every day, commit, and with your Merkaba, practice, practice, practice. The more you realize this as a real thing, the easier this will become. The more you will be awakened to the divine center and to the past life that is manifesting itself as a guide within your experience. You have been a prolific writer before in other lifetimes. And this part that is manifesting itself as a guide is trying to work its way into your consciousness. There are many different ways for you to open up spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Your guide is trying to bring you into the one that will be of the most fun. This is the key, have fun with it, you are ready for it. Embrace the powerful energies that will come upon you over these next few weeks and especially right now as your heart is opening to your divine and powerful creational abilities. Half an hour a day, commit, fully, when you do, when you have this as a first priority, everything else will fall into place.

Does this answer your question?

Thank you, yes, thank you.

We thank you for the love that you have all brought to this gathering tonight, this evening, this afternoon, depending upon where you are in the World. This portal is real, this point of ascension is potent. The most potent point you have ever experienced. And as you surrender to this, as you allow this, as you let your divine self flow, you will surf the midsummer light stream to the next stage of your ascension. You are ready for this, the power is opening up within you. Trust in your divine core. You have everything you need within you.

I am Archangel Metatron and I love you all.

All is well.

Be at peace.





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