The Calm within the storm



I am Archangel Metatron, the Angelic presence that encompasses the Universe.

Indeed these are joyous times. This may seem like a contradiction to your experience, however, it is very important for you to see things with divine eyes instead of from Human panic. This is the truth of you being in the eye of the storm, the calm within the storm. The storm is important as you are being crushed and squeezed. And while this is a time of you being made aware of panic within your situation, the way that you have been treating yourselves as a collective and the planet as an entity has been going on for some time now. You are being made aware of many things right now. You are being made aware of how things are on your planet.

You are also being made aware of how powerful you are within your divinity.

It is in seeing this through divine eyes that the joyous experience and opportunity that you have to help mankind break out of their cosmic shell into their truth, into their passion, peace and healing abilities can be achieved. For it is true you have been moving forward with your healing experience gently, calmly, and peacefully and some may even say timidly. You are being encouraged to embrace the mighty warrior form that is you. You are healers, one and all and as you break out of the cosmic egg you can heal all, completely and unequivocally with an open Merkaba, with expanded open chakras, with a raised kundalini and with a transformed energy system. This will be done by not feeding into any fear.

It is important within your mental body that you are wise.

It is a good thing that you are all following the dictates of your health guidelines in your social distancing but this is not just to stop the spread of the virus although this is the initial understanding. This is separating you from the psychic energy that you have bound each other to within your daily grind. Even within your familial situations.

Globally you are in separate pods.

You are freed from the psychic energy of binding – you are free. This is the time for you to rise up. This is the time for you to assume your Christed form. This is the time for you to shine the light of love upon all. This is the time for your courage, for your bravery, this is the time for you to stand in love and not judge any of the situation.

Do not hold onto the collectives fear or panic,

For in that panic your immune system is lowered and you are brought solely and wholly into the three-dimensional experience. The three-dimensional experience is important, this is part of what you are here for but it is not all you are here for and if that is the only situation that you are holding onto, if that is the only situation that you are believing in you will be disempowered.

You are being encouraged to open up your full body system.

Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We have already given you the tools in the Clarion Call, the Healing book and the Galactic Council have given you everything else that you need to ascend, to move yourself to the next point of your expansion, the next point of your joy. You are being encouraged to stand in your power.

And while this is happening, while this opportunity is here globally we say to you take advantage of this situation to stand in your power, to heal one and all.

For in standing in this power, in believing in your power, in believing in your ability to affect the whole through positive energy and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through you and fully igniting the Christ fire within you you will be the saviours of humanity in many different ways as you expand your energy in light and love, power, peace and truth. This is not to say do not comfort those who are panicking, those who are sick or those who are feeling the effects. But be aware, within your adept-ship of how much you are feeding into this energy.

Humanity loves drama

And though this is a panic, many are relishing this situation, taking full advantage of it. Do not feed into any of this and any of your lower self. Or feed into any of your gossip self, do not feed into anything that holds and binds other people. Let go, for all have the cosmic egg within them, all have the Metatronic cube within them, all. And as you stand in your power and as you do not allow yourself to be held down, as you do not allow yourself to be oppressed, you stand in your centre and you see the opportunity that has presented itself right now.

This is what you have been training for. This is what you have been opening your Merkabas for. This time, in your linear understanding, this is the pivot point.

This is not about the virus. There are many things that are heavy and weigh upon your society as a species. This is about your ascension. Trust in this energy. Work only on yourself, on your own joy, on your own peace. This is you being in the eye of the storm. This is you blessing everyone that is in fear. This is you blessing, helping, transforming and healing each and every person that is stuck in this understanding. Relieve their fear by being centred within yourself.

This is not to say disregard the circumstance. It is an important circumstance. It is a global opportunity of transformation and expansion.

Spin your Merkaba. Work the energies of truth within yourself. Allow yourself to let go of the shackles that have held you down. This is a breaking free and all those who would oppress humanity are being broken in their understanding. And they are coming into their divine centre. All are opening up to this dear ones. See this as a blessing, an understanding to help transform the world. For it is an important time and you are blessed within this. It is only in standing in this understanding in this way that you can truly be in the centre, at the calm, in peace. Do not let yourself be drawn into the drama.

This is what you are here for. You are beacons, beacons to one and all.

Centre yourself. Allow yourself to breathe, allow yourself to come into the mightiness of your service. This is you helping and healing and transforming.

This situation will not last forever. This is a pivotal point within your societies expansion.

This is a pivotal point for this batch of your evolution, this batch of humanity. And there are many within this short period of time who have already ascended. They have ascended in the spirit and they have ascended in the physical. There are many ships all around the World and your ship is above your head right now. There are two points, your ship that is multidimensional and that is accessed fully within your Merkaba from the spiritual perspective. This can be accessed at any moment as you have access to these chanellings, to this level of vibration. And there is also the physical aspect within the three-dimensional World.

Humanity is not fully ready for this.

So the Ascension in this way will be experienced individually. This is why you have the material from the Clarion Call, the Healing book and the Galactic Council books. This is why you are being manoeuvred ready for your individual expansion, your individual experience within your individual circumstance. Honour this, expand in this and allow yourself to shine. For as you allow yourself to shine you heal the vibration of those who are around you. Trust that everything is happening in divine timing. For when you trust that everything is happening in divine timing you will be able to physically heal those who need this and for those that need the experience of that illness you will allow them to have that with grace.

Heal everything under grace.

Trust in this. We urged Robbie to release the Chi Ball video from the Healing book. This is important as you actively move forward with your healing experience for you to use the Chi Balls to explode the energy. For you are not only sending out healing but you are breaking down everything that stops peoples ascension, that stops peoples awakening. You break up the energy that is holding them down in all the blockages within them. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks in the way of their expansion. And doing all under grace will help everybody that needs to experience this at its darkest level. For you are not being a hero taking somebody away from something that they have chosen to experience. You are centring yourself and allowing all to experience what they need to experience.

And those who are ready will ascend.

It is an important point as when you are in the calm of the storm – you are the Sun of God. The Sun shines on all Roses but the Sun does not rip the petals open. The Sun shines on all Roses and the Roses petals open in divine timing. Allow this to happen, be in your centre. Move forward through your own personal journey. Your own personal maze that you have given yourself. For recognize that this is a story. This is a story that you have given yourself. The backdrop of the Earth and all of the different transformations that are within the Earth of your species that are happening is the backdrop of your personal story. You are here to experience this in its fullest form. How you do that is your choice. How you open your petals is your choice. As you are within this gathering or reading this, you are healers, all beings are healers within your species but there are healers that are particularly open to the experience of being dynamic spiritual healers. Mental, emotional and spiritual as many call shamans, all who are hearing this are Shamans, are mediums. Are here to bridge the gap between the Galactic Council, the Heavenly hierarchy, the Angelic realms, the cube of Metatron, the centre point of all truth and Humanity.

This is what you are here for. You are here to be the calm in the storm.

You are here to not feed into negativity or panic or fear. You are here to make all beings aware of their ability to heal completely, wholly, and unequivocally. You are here to show by example with exercise, prayer, meditation, the fullness of your being. This is what it means to be in the calm in the storm. Have courage, this is what you have been training for, this is the point of your expansion. This is the reality you have given yourselves to experience and this is a joyous time when seen from this transformational perspective from the heavenly hierarchy. Your species has been working towards this for a long time.

This is important. You are important.

Feel yourself opening up, feel all the blockages being taken away. Feel all the restrictions being taken away.

Recognize that everything that is happening within your society is a reflection of your collective consciousness.

The highest point of your collective consciousness is ready now with the 144,000 to be raised to the next level of your frequency.

Do not fear technology, do not fear the boogie man, do not fear the illuminati. Everything that is happening is happening in perfect timing.

Your part is your light, you are beacons, you are here to shine. You are assimilating everything that we have given you. You are coming into the point of your own manifestations. Your own joy, your own excitement, this is part of this healing. Make no mistake, this circumstance is a blessing and to all of the disparate energy that is happening to the billions of people all over the World that feel lost within their three-dimensional experience – you are the good shepherd to help move them to the light.

It will not be done by preaching, it will not be done by proselytizing or coercion, it will be done through love.

Through shining your light, through showing you are eternal with your actions, with your vibration, with your Christed fire shining from your heart.

All corruption being taken away

All negativity, all denseness being shifted, this is happening to shake your planet, your species into awareness of what you have done, what you are doing and what you are being led towards. This pivotal moment of love is your finest hour within this point of the next stage of your evolution. You are ready. This is you transforming into Galactic citizens. The collective hive responsibility of tapping into the next level of the mental attunement, your mental ascension, your mental connection is the next stage of the ring-pass-not.

For it is only in the calm, it is only when you are in the still within the storm that you can move forward through the ring-pass-not.

This is the point of trust, this is the point of peace, this is the point of you assuming your Mastery. You are ready for this. This is a point of Graduation. The first point of graduation we mentioned in the books over the next fifty years. There will be many points. There will be much, much, much more drama. Recognise this, you are here in an adventure.

You are here creating the reality of humanity.

Your legacy is your light, your gift is your joy. Everything is moving forward in perfect timing. Trust this and you will be able to help all who are suffering, all who are hurting, all who are experiencing this without the awareness of the self, you will help to heal them where they are. Accepting all, even the darkest of the dark as it seems, as the lightest of the light, for all are one. This is the game of creation and you playing this at its most potent point is you centring yourself, assimilating all of the lessons, spinning your Merkaba, clearing your energy system and standing in your power as masters. The time is now. You are ready.

I am Archangel Metatron,

All is well,

Be at peace


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