NYC Meetup Channeling Q&A 9th Nov 2019


Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron, the Angelic presence that encompasses the Universe.

We come to you this day with great joy as we fast approach the end of the first cycle of your work in its fullest flowering on this planet. You have anchored the light greatly. And this place of much diversity, your New York City has been chosen perfectly to expand out on all directions for your whole globe, connected to all beings of your species. Not only to the ones that are awakening, that are ready to awaken and that are asleep but also to all of the beings in all of the different batches of your evolution on the planet, in the many different civilizations that you have already had as humans on the Earth plane. The many different civilizations that are connecting with you and are watching you eagerly now at this time of emancipation and triumph as you open up to yourselves ready to become a Galactic race. They are very excited to join with you, to open with you, to help expand your consciousness and to love you fully. Meditation is becoming more frequent, for as you are opening yourselves up, opening your hearts and unknotting everything within your psyche that is holding you back, you are transforming the whole globe. The more you trust this, the easier it is and will be, to be in the flow as you align to your divine self. And as you recognize the power and the truth of your Metatronic cube within you that accesses the matrix of all creation, life as you know it in your single unit of consciousness, your Avataric self, comes easier in all ways. Your human experience of polarity is aided greatly in this opening. We rejoice in this for your species. You are at the cutting edge of creation. Coming into a full understanding of the power of your own creation. You must recognize your surroundings as they are, are perfect for what your soul needs to learn, for what you have asked to experience within this particular incarnation. You may create anything you wish. But first, you must understand that you have created the circumstances that are surrounding you right now. The people, the places, the things, different levels of understanding, different levels of health, wealth, happiness, and all these levels will be expanded once you fully allow yourself to be in the flow and to be taken by the divine will of your higher self into the next stage of your creation. Do not be afraid, be open, allow your passion to expand, allow your Kundalini to rise, allow your Merkaba to spin. Allow yourself to be in pure gratitude. Many of you have been working on your Merkabas, have been opening up for some time in your linear time frame. Do not underestimate the knock-on effect that this has been having for your whole species. For your society has changed greatly in the last cycle, in the last seven years there are many opening to channel, opening to source and are lifting the collective to the next level. There are many old ways of being that are crumbling. You must rejoice in this crumbling and allow yourself to be brave enough to stand tall in your power.


We now open the floor for questions.


Metatron I have a question, can you tell us a little bit more about the seven-year cycle that we are entering now in December? Can you please give us an overview of what does it mean to be closing this first seven-year cycle and the beginning of this new one and what’s in store for the next seven years? Thank you.


As you came to the winter solstice seven years ago, your consciousness was at a tipping point. You had gone through the necessary evolutionary changes within your vessels to get to this point where you were able to open up without fear of repercussion. These seven years have flowered your consciousness and there has been exponential growth. This will continue in the next seven years, it will be multiplied, it will be expanded, you will be more empowered, you will be more empathic, you will be more able to create your reality. The distinction has been made within this first seven years from what you call the old Earth to the new Earth. You are ready and all that have raised their vibration will open up and will help the versions of yourselves expand and every being that chooses this version of reality will be expanded by the Light-workers and will open up. The old Earth as you know it is dropping away to its own lessons and there are many within this old Earth who will experience annihilation and heavy density. This is a version of reality that you are not a part of anymore and everything from this point is expanded. All realities are valid and all that need to learn the lessons of deep density and duality will be served by this experience, Bless them and bless the version of you that is with them. The version of you that is within this timeline, this reality, this point of the new Earth that you have chosen will exponentially expand and as you assimilate the divine energies, the pure energies, the Christed energies, the Krishna energies, the unconditional love energies, whichever way you wish to quantify this understanding. You will be more involved with that which you feel a passion towards. You will be more in the flow with your individual passions, your expansion which will light you up to the next level. And all of the versions of the people who are around you will expand in their vibrations also. You will be able to bless people more readily. You will be able to create things more readily. It will be easier for you to open your Merkaba in this energy for you have taken away this density which in a way expands the atmosphere to a point where you can float, you can open up. This is in your consciousness first and then this has a knock-on effect on the rest of the World. The resonance of the Earth is changing, the heartbeat of your Mother Earth is changing. The resonance is beating more in line with your divine consciousness. There are many different changes that are happening around your Earth. There are many different corruptions that are being unearthed and that are being brought into the light in order to be cleansed and cleared and purified. This is an exciting time for you and we encourage you to think big within your individual consciousness within your individual story. The more you open up your Merkaba, the more you open to your Directorship. You are the Director of your own Film and all of the characters surrounding you opening up an expanded part of your wildest dreams coming true. This is no ridiculous dream, this is an opening reality and the more you bless the path that you are on the more you will bless everybody else’s path. This seven years from this bud that is slowly opening is the flowering of the next stage. And more epiphanies will happen within your individual lives and you will have epiphanies from other people. There will be more honesty, there will be more opening, There will be more expansion. There will be challenges but these challenges must be looked upon as stepping-stones for the next level of your planet coming into its peace, its joy, its expansion. You are realizing the importance of caring for your biosphere in your physical planet. This is becoming embedded in your collective consciousness more and more as an obvious thing. You are becoming aware of the sacredness of each breath you take. Breathe in deep, for each moment you breathe in deep in awareness and are in gratitude for each breath you take, the more you expand this experience. Be ready, be ready to have fun, for each moment is a blessing. This is the greatest understanding, for it is the love that you are emanating that is expanding everything. Your technology is expanding also; Ascension is on many different levels. Do not fear technological advancement. For as you open up and as you connect more and more to your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, the technology that will come to you will take your breath away. The spiritual technologies that you are connecting into and the healers from all around the Multiverse are very eager to work with you and are working with each and every one of you, especially the ones that are on this call and that are seeing this call afterwards. Each different level is being expanded, each different point is ready, do not fear the density and polarities still here. It is only the remnants of ego trying to hold on, but everything has come into the light. Everything is open, everything is expanding, in this seven years you will become more and more confident in your buoyancy, you will become more and more confident in your divine direction, you will become more and more confident within your vessels, you will become more and more powerful in your actions and as you stand in this deepest point of your power and you embody the divine attributes that expand every part of your personal journey you will create a Utopia first around you for yourselves, for your family. You will find yourself more at peace, less able to be taken out of your peace, more expanded in every different direction. The first seven years have seeded the readiness for this next expansion. And these seven years as the first seven years multiplied by seven for this opening, this next fifty years of your planet coming into balance fully. And you will use your resources divinely and there will be less need for an explanation within your individual journey. For you will act more from vibration and less from explanation. And confidence with your creation from your third eye connected to your hear open Merkaba. This is a very exciting time for your species. We rejoice in your opening. Does this answer your question?


Yes, beautiful, thank you so much, lovely, perfect.


Does anyone else have a question?


Yes, I have a question, Metatron, I have been informed that we are in place now, in terms of our advancement, that we can open up the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth chakras. Do you have any suggestions in the process that will be involved in that activation?


There are many different understandings of your chakra system. These are all fractal expansions from your Merkaba. Whatever makes you feel expanded within your understanding, and your excitement, is worth pursuing. However, everything from your center, within your Merkaba, is already here for your expansion into that understanding. There is nothing out here (Hold hands out) that is not in here (Holds hands at heart) Therefore you are already able to open up to every different point within your understanding with a fully open Merkaba. The multiplicity of different dimensions and different chakras are points of awareness to expand outward in your outward experience of your three-dimensional reality. But your three-dimensional reality is only a representation of what is within you. It is more important to come into the center, into your presence, than it is to expand into the journey in your holographic understanding. Therefore going within (Holds hand at heart) Will expand all of your journeys without (Opens both arms wide) We do not negate your particular fascination for this understanding. But we empower you to look within which will facilitate your journey through all the chakras. Each different system of understanding of awareness of reality has its own point of creation. This is all born within the center point of imagination. You must understand you are the creator of that system that comes from the fractal reality that is within you. Do not chase for the mountaintop while you are standing on the mountaintop. Do you understand the interpretation of your question we have given you?


Yes, thank you very much.


Anyone else have a question?


Hi, I have a question. I see a spin when I close my eyes, sometimes going in opposite directions but sometimes not. Is this me in my Merkaba or is it me looking at or in between other worlds. It looks like the Milky way a little bit, like a spin.


As you come to balance within yourself, within your Merkaba. You will feel the fractal expansion of yourself. When it comes into clarity this is the point when you are coming into the center point. You will feel it. You will feel yourself expanding, you will feel yourself contracting, you will be contracting to the smallest point of yourself and you will be expanding to the largest point of the possible expansion of all things. The spinning is vital. It is the bite point, we put it to you like the understanding of your stick shift, as you say about your automobiles, your vehicles, your clutch control. Feeling the spinning, encouraging the spinning and then coming to the balance of your Merkaba, is what is happening within your Merkaba before it expands. Focus on this with your breath, embrace this, and as you feel this experience repeat the command “Equal speed”. As you complete the command “Equal speed” which is within your directions in the manual you have been given to drive your Merkaba in ‘The Clarion Call’. You help this spinning cease and you will be able to see the fractal energies move but you will be still within the center of it. As you practice more and more and as you master this point, this bite point within your consciousness. Centering the different points that are constantly flying off the center point of creation within Metatrons cube. Each different point is their own toroidal field. Each different Galaxy that is created, each different Universe within the Multiverse that is created is created from the center point of YOUR Metatron’s cube. You are the center point of all of these creations and all of these beings. There are no separate beings here, even within this gathering, as you understand it from your individual self. This is only different points of your own experience as the divine creator in the center point. And each spinning toroidal field that comes off the center place has its own point of experience, its own point of evolution. The divine Multiverse and all of the Universes that are experiencing their own big bang right now, right now, right now, right now, over and over and over and over for eternity. And you are within one point of experience experiencing many points of explosion. And when you center yourself within the center point of your zero point, you come into your personal creation. Within your zero point you can experience all of these points, all of these people, all of these experiences, you can experience yourself in the way you are listening in the character that you are listening to with right now. You can experience this as the channel who is channeling this message right now. You can experience this as each different individual that is within the room within New York City that is listening to this message, each different person within your species, and each different point of all of the different civilizations that are watching. Each different point of consciousness can be and will be experienced. And you can experience this within your Merkaba. This is the opening point for this. And each different spinning, each different toroidal field that moves off can be accessed. Do not underestimate the power of your expansion, the power of your concentration, the power of this time. Your question is very relevant, for all time zero points within the center point of your Merkaba. All experience, all past, all future, everything folds to the zero point. You will master this more and more. Does this answer your question?


Yes, it did it was perfect.


I have a question and my question is kinda like with the physical body because we imprinted certain codes when we came into this body to have our experience here on Earth. And that was all enclosed within our placenta and so forth. And I don’t know, is the placenta part of all this understanding that we are trying to mix in with Mother Earth and evolving and so forth. I don’t even know if it is a good question but the placenta for some reason keeps popping in my head and all the codes.


The placenta is important, your genetic code is important. But your physical existence is only one part of your experience. Everything that is encoded within you is important. You must understand as the energy has been encoded and passed into your genetic expansion, the relevance with your seven-year cycle within the linear time frame that you have given yourself within this experience. For as you grow from the placenta as you expand into the human physical experience, each different cycle, you are renewed, completely, physically. This is what is opening up for you just now. Therefore the understanding of the way that you have designed your physical existence and the codes that you have encoded within your placenta have expanded within your physical existence, that are opening up now to the expanded code of your existence are open to great change. This is the point of your Ascension also, your physical Ascension. For everything that has been encoded, everything that has evolved through all the many different thousands of placentas, your physical essence has culminated within this incarnation and the different incarnations to come, you will open up more and more to the joining together of your physical existence and your spiritual understanding and the expansion of your coding. As you understand with your technological revolution and evolution within these past decades you have gone from simple coding of your computers to more advanced technological expansion. This is happening within the simple coding within your placenta to the dormant DNA that is ready to be opened to the next stage of your understanding of perfect health, of designing your physical essence. As you come into more awareness of your ability to do this you will come into more awareness of you reprogramming things that you maybe looked upon as glitches in your programming, diseases and so forth, you being without ease within your understanding. Everything is always evolving within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essence. This is a play of your divine self, recognizing the tools that you have to play, recognizing from your simple drawings within your Nursery School, within your Kindergarten. You do some simple drawings and then you become more and more expansive and then you create works of magnificent wonder. This is the same within your encoding from your placenta. It has given you the basic colors, the basic palette, but as you expand more and more into your growth mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You play more with this palette, you recode, encode your DNA with a more expanded essence and you flower. This is within the parameters of the design that you have decided upon, that we have decided upon together. It is the blessing to honor the raw material sprung from Mother Earth to help you expand and in honoring this, in connecting with this, in feeling the heartbeat of the center of your planet. Of her loving you, nurturing you, encouraging you, opening you, expanding you to the next point of your growth, you will feel the excitement of leaving the fundamental part and be open to create. It is a beautiful and divine honoring. Does this answer your question?


Oh my gosh, did it answer a lot of peoples questions haha


Archangel Metatron, I have a question, this is Taunya. Recent weeks after meeting the Galactic one, well many times but I went back to it. I’ve had lucid dreams. And one of those was the sign, a black sign, a black really big sign engraved it had ‘Unveiled consciousness’ and I feel that this unveiled consciousness will help the group understand what that means and me too.


Dreams are very important, there are many different types of your dreams as you expand in your awareness. The work that you are involved in primarily as you are part of this gathering is to unveil the consciousness. This is your prime work in everything that you do. This is your prime work in every singing bowl that you love and open up. And every point of crystal that you make sing. And you are opening up to your point of the Galactic Council that welcomes you, that opens you, that allows you to expand greatly, that gives you the confidence to open up and unveil first your own consciousness then the consciousness of all those around you. As you are in the dream state you will feel more and more the pressure on your third eye physically. This will happen to many who are in this room and to many who are watching this recording. For as you feel this physical energy, this pressure it will connect you into your physical essence whilst lucid within the dream state. Within the dream state you will open up to many different parts of the Multiverse without feeling the physical restrictions you sometimes do within this physical vessel. You are unveiling your consciousness and all the different signs and symbols we encourage you to write them down, to draw them, to allow yourself to create artfully, to allow yourself to create abundantly and to open up prolifically within your expansion. Each and everyone that is here right now and that is watching this is expanding, is being unknotted. And this connection with your part of the Galactic Council that you will feel more and more comfortable feeling there, sitting there, expanding there, connecting there and opening up to the different friends, the different soul friends who you have been in many different incarnations with and the new friends who wish to befriend you as you expand into this different awareness, they will expand you greatly. We suggest an honored dream diary to write these symbols down, to expand in your connection, to connect to the different parts as you write them down. They are not just merely writing down parts of your consciousness that are there to unlock keys, they are there to journal the journey with the different beings you will go back to again and again and again and enjoy and open up to and awaken to being home there as well as in your vessel the way you are right now. This is expansion on a grand scale and the more you allow this, the more you invest in this, the more you feel the flow of this and surrender to the flow of this, the more information you will be given and the more excited you will become at revisiting these places over and over and over again. Your own individual multidimensional fractal consciousness is in many different places as we speak and everything that is coming into the zero point of focus for the importance of this planet unveiling their consciousness is being brought into your vessel right now. And the lucidity and the potency of this expansion is being focussed for you in this experience so that you do not let any other experience from any other being hold you back or hold you down or pull you into an old holding pattern of stealing energy. Any holding pattern of behavior that is not conducive to your joy, to your love, to your fearlessness, to your limitlessness. You are blessed in this understanding and you are expanding out more and more. Feel this expansion, for each aura that sits within this gathering is being unlocked more and more and this heart expansion will have a knock-on effect for everyone. This is a blessed meeting of souls, this is a blessed meeting of hearts, this is a blessed understanding of this point of the unveiling of the whole of humanities consciousness and you are blessed to have this message come through. Does this answer your question?


Yes, it answers everybody’s question (Laughter)


May I ask a question? I think Metatron knows what it is already. I wanted to go back to a comment Archangel Metatron you made about the Galactic Family working with healers on this call. And that is something which is a very important part of my life at the moment and intended career and I was wondering if you could give guidance as to how anyone else on this call, anyone else listening to the recording who is interested in healing could work more closely with our Galactic Family, please? Thank you.


Everything that your question asks is contained within the Healing book we have already given you. This book is a short workbook but it holds within it the profound energy of your deep expansion. When you come to this with the purest of intent it will be the most explosive energy within your consciousness, within your healing, and you will be able to open up to every different healing modality within the planet. This is the Metatron tradition. There is a reason for this book being so succinct. For at this level of your understanding it is everything that you need to connect into your Galactic family in the whole of the Multiverse. You are opening to this and have been opening to this personally. The surrender to this fully and the recognition of this will bring every synchronicity that you need. And as you trust the synchronicities, as you trust the flow, as you trust the opening, as you trust your hearts, as you trust the understanding of everything within your physical essence being renewed every seven years within your linear time frame that we have created together, you will help your whole species come into vibrant health, vibrant healing, vibrant peace. Everything that is needed for your Ascension, we have already provided. Everything that is needed, you already have within you. Enjoy the unveiling. Enjoy the expansion. Enjoy the transformation. Enjoy the power, for you are ready for this. And as the paradigms on the earth change from that which is done for profit to that which is done from benevolence, from purity, from true healing, your World will come into peace, your World will come into healing expansion. And the ambitions of your healing centers will be fulfilled. Do not underestimate your power. We understand your question and we understand from your personal perspective what you wish to achieve. Do not underestimate your power! Do not look at the outside circumstance. For what you wish to create hold forth, hold forth, hold forth within your core and you will be a healing conduit for all. Each different connection, each different point in the galactic Council and all the different points within the Multiverse can be connected through this means with the divine intent of the declaration. Does this answer your question?


Thank you very much, it does, I’m very grateful to you. Thank you.


This has been a valuable connection. This has been an important understanding. This is a blessed close to your first seven-year cycle. You are ready, dance, sing, be joyful, rejoice!




I am Archangel Metatron, and I love you, be at peace.


We love you, we love you so much.


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