Blog post #7 – A life altering experience

Hello, lovely lightworkers,

This is an excerpt from my new book –‘Twin Flames, Merkabas and more’ available here.

“An event happened that would, in time, help to completely change the course of my life. I had a painful toothache for several weeks. But my dentist was unavailable until after we got back from a weeks summer holiday. I was a misery guts for most of the week. The tooth had a hole in it so big that I could fit the end of my tongue into it. I guess a filling had fallen out or something. But whatever the cause, it was really painful, despite taking strong painkillers. The week was an awful blur for me because of it.

Pontins holiday park in Wales. A six-hour coach journey either way. So for the trip back, I bought a few books to read. One of these books was called the ‘Super Humans’ and had different accounts of Holy men, healers, telekinesis and the like. One of the people featured was a ‘Psychic Dentist’. I can’t remember his name, but the story went that he used to smack people with both hands on the cheeks and repeat the exclamation “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be thou whole” I was in severe pain and willing to give anything a go at that point. It wasn’t a full bus. I had a double seat to myself and there was no-one looking. So I repeated the process on myself, continued reading the book, and forgot about it.

When we arrived back in Paisley I realized that the pain had completely gone and I couldn’t feel a hole in the tooth anymore. I mentioned it to my wife and she said to keep the appointment with the dentist anyway as I may have just got some food stuck in it or something. A few days later the dentist confirmed that it “Had been heavily filled” that he hadn’t done it, didn’t know what it had been filled with. And that it was a really good job. He was a born-again Christian and as I told him the story he didn’t seem surprised.

This was life-changing for me in the way I viewed the religious world. I knew that I could communicate with spirit telepathically as I had always done. But I did think I maybe just had a vivid imagination. I always vowed that I wouldn’t do anything like medium-ship, evangelism or psychic stuff unless I knew it was real. Because it looked like such a sham and they seemed more interested in donations than actually helping anyone. But now I was given an event that I couldn’t deny of the power of healing because the evidence was in my own mouth. It took some time to sink in. As I discussed it with different people I was met with incredulity and funny looks by some. And reinforcement of Gods power by others. On the trip to Canada, I asked my Wife’s Minister Uncle his opinion about it and he said it was a “Faith builder.” It was God showing me the power of healing and that I was on the right path.”

Twin Flames, Merkabas and more

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