Blog post #6 – Apocalypse Apathy Alert

Excerpt from ‘Twin Flames, Merkabas and more’ – Available HERE

If ten people were in a small room on an isolated base on the moon. And they had a machine that created enough oxygen for them to breathe. Then one of them tried to break the machine and start a fire that would burn up the rest of the oxygen. The other people would stop it, no question, right? We are in a finite biosphere on the Earth. We are burning fossil fuel at a crazy rate and If we don’t have the trees and plants to absorb the Co2 and create oxygen, we will not survive. The Amazon is being cut down systematically for profit. The oceans, which provide most of our oxygen and transform a great deal of the Co2, is being polluted with all of the plastic waste. And the rise in temperatures means the phytoplankton, which is 70% of our oxygen machine, is dying. Forget so much about flooding, we can always live on boats. But we can’t survive without breathing.

“Right now there is simply no need for you to pollute your atmosphere burning fossil fuels that you believe you must rely upon. The energy that surrounds you, that is within your planet and that is upon your planet is far greater and much safer than you are currently using. Once again it is only economics and the very small percentage of your population that benefit from the current paradigm. They are not only keeping you cold in your winters but are draining your bank account unnecessarily. The technology to change this is already here. With the current projection of your collective mindset and the plans of your lower chakra selves in the oppression of your population, it will be fifty years before you are fully free from this boil that needs to be burst. However, with each one of you that joins the Galactic Council, that magnifies your potential and that opens up the new paradigm that frees you from the oppression and the fear dynamic, you shave time off the linear time frame. Raise your voices and come together in your inspiration and transformation.” – The Galactic Council

When a system has proven to be detrimental to the whole and is having catastrophic effects on the biosphere with profit as its only concern, there has to be change, and it has to be quick. In The Third Industrial Revolution, Jeremy Rifkin has outlined achievable plans to change the global infrastructure from old worn out energy systems to renewable, sustainable and ecologically efficient ones. This is the practical application of Technological Ascension, with Societal Ascension. How we achieve this will have to be in cooperation with each other. The corruption and money interests must be overcome to achieve it. And this will take our Spiritual Ascension to raise consciousness so we stop impeding our own progress. The love we have for each other is the motivating force for making this change.

“Love sees no obstacles. It runs marathons, leaps chasms, breaks down barriers to achieve its goal. It never fails.” – Metatron

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