Blog post #5 – Ascension WTF is that?

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What exactly is ascending? With all of the different people and groups promoting Ascension. There are many takes on what that means. It can be confusing as to what is really going on. Especially when first starting out on this journey. There are so many different opinions. And because of the passion that people embody when they first awaken. It can seem like it reinforces the effects of the ego instead of diminishing it. That passion is great but the most powerful thing is always working on yourself instead of just trying to change the world. The world changes more rapidly when we work on our own consciousness than anything else. Our peace and the love that we emanate multiplies the energy which empowers people, unlike proselytizing. When the energy is pure, people are inspired and led to follow the feeling and teaching instead of just the teacher. That is where the real magic lies.

Spiritual ascension is the recognition, awareness, and ability to practically apply the blessings that come with understanding, and ultimately experiencing that we are all one energy system. When this is experienced, inner and outer peace follow as a result. This has been happening to individuals for thousands of years. Ascension for mankind is the reaching of a critical mass of people who have had this experience. The knock on effect of this is world peace, complete global enlightenment and a society that reflects that state of being.

Ascension is on many levels. Our Technological Ascension is in full swing and the world is rapidly changing in this way. Moore’s law stated that technology would double every eighteen months to two years. This is not really a law, but more of a prediction by Gordon Moore, the guy that started Intel. Stating that the number of transistors that can fit on a microchip would double every two years or so. It has become a belief about all advancements in technology. It was only a prediction for a ten year period in 1965 and yet it has held pretty accurately for over 50 years now and shows no signs of stopping. What this means is that we are getting pretty advanced by our recent standards. And science fiction is increasingly becoming science fact. If we can go from Horse and cart to space flight in less than a hundred years. Just imagine what we can do if technology keeps doubling at this rate.

Our Societal Ascension is also in full swing and rapidly accelerating. It has moved forward in leaps and bounds in the last 50 years also with the conscious awareness of human rights, women’s rights and the civil rights movement being an essential part of the zeitgeist. The more aware we are of what is actually going on in different parts of the world. The easier it will be for us as a collective to discern the best path forward. The 1% vs 99% understanding, occupy movement and truth revealers or “Whistleblowers” that have emerged are all raising awareness of what is actually going on and who is and isn’t benefitting. People are growing in dissatisfaction with the status quo and the more the truth is brought into view, the more we are inspired and motivated to make changes.

The Galactic Council puts it that we are graduating. That the graduation classes are over the next fifty years.

”You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” – John 8:32

We are becoming more and more consciously aware that we are programmable. Mental Ascension is de-programming ourselves from old, disempowering, controlling structures of thought and discovering our true potential. Our abilities are immense but our collective beliefs are many times limiting and obstructing our happiness and peace.

“Recognize the power of your words. The power of your programming. For this is what words do, they program you. And recognizing that you have autonomy over which words you assimilate within your being will free you to create the life that you wish to have, instead of settling for the life that others have used words to create within you. The more wisely you choose your reading materials, the faster your transformation. Also in choosing how you express yourself wisely. This is a very powerful key to your transformation. You have the power to affect many others with your words, every individual that you come into contact with when you are being mindful of your speech and discerning in the assimilation of the words you hear. Recognize the patterns of the words you hear from others. Whether they are on a loop of hypnosis from others or whether they are deliberately projecting their words to you or to others. Avoid the beings who are deliberately projecting negative, vitriol, gossip, hatred etc. Actively seek the company of those who use their words wisely in love, in empowerment, and in peace. And deliberately project upon those caught in cycles of hypnosis and conditioning, positive messages, positive transformational words. The word is the key to your transformation in its current state. As you transcend the different levels of consciousness and ascend much higher in your evolution. Words will be of no importance. As you will communicate on much deeper levels. However, at this stage of your development. Recognize, appreciate and utilize your words as effectively and succinctly as you possibly can.” – The Galactic Council.

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