Blog post #4 – Metatron revving things up

Hello lovely lightworkers,

This new crop circle just appeared. Metatron is revving things up and we are being energised. We are ready for the next stage of our ascension. No matter what you do it is important that you do SOMETHING to help raise your vibration. This is a time of great intensity and the more you open up to your divine abilities, the easier time you will have and the less confused you will be.

Be aware of the vibration you take into your body. Be aware of the thoughts from yourself or others that inhibit your joy or pull you down in any way.

Be on guard for testing forces and open your heart to as much unconditional love as possible. This is the key to opening your merkaba. And it is important that this knowledge is spread far and wide to all of those that are ready to open their merkabas up. Most of humanity are still sleeping with regards to their divinity but all are divine nevertheless.

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer and always look within. Ask to be shown what you need to help you access your divine gifts. If you pray with a pure intention you will be led very quickly to what you need to learn and in what format that will appear in.

Have a wee look at my interview if you haven’t already 


We are all just divine reflections of each other and our power is opening up the more we spread the love and recognise the reality of what this ascension means for us in real terms.

We love you all,

In love, joy, service (And great excitement after seeing this last sign)

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