Blog post #8 – Messiah complex unpacked

Hello, lovely lightworkers,

There comes a point in your awakening when you realize that you are divine. You are the one that you have been waiting for. And the realization can come with some distress. Some people do this overtly and declare their messiah status publicly to great ridicule like David Icke famously did on the talk show ‘Wogan’ to the sniggers and jeers of the crowd. Some declare it to their Mum or a family member like Russell Brand did, saying that he was Jesus reborn. Some keep it to themselves and fear the onset of mental illness and some do have a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bi-polar where their experience goes between believing they are here to save the world in some grandiose scenario and suddenly the very opposite. No matter how you awaken to your divinity it will come with some psychological readjustment.

It’s a massive epiphany to realize and then experience that as we are all one energy system, that part of you really is Jesus, but also that part of you really is Hitler too. It’s only in balancing our light and dark that we can come to peace and transcend the battle of the ego within us and recognize that this is all a big play. The deeper you awaken to your inner truth, the more bliss you will be able to embody and the less you will judge the darker parts of yourself.

We gave this experience to ourself in order to experience contrast, growth and have a  powerful subjective experience. The awakening is happening all over the world and the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more you will be empowered to understand that the core of you is love/god/energy. That God has many faces, both light and dark and you are them all in your ultimate truth. And the you that you have chosen to be in this lifetime, whoever that may be, has much more choice over your reality and how you experience it than you probably understand.

We have all been influenced by many different ideas, ideologies, ways of living, believing and behaving from our ancestors. Each one of us has a complex programming that has been formed through our initial lessons in life from our prime carers as children through whatever system of learning that we have encountered. Our friends, family, and society around us have all added to this vision we have of ourself since our birth and it continues through each day that we encounter new concepts.  As we awaken more and begin to question why we think the way we do and who’s thoughts and beliefs they really are, from the past and influences right now, the closer we come to operating from deliberate choice instead of from programming.

The enduring factor in all of our history, no matter who’s name we ascribe to its origin, is prayer and meditation. As we tap into our potential through a focus of our breath, posture, intention, and surrender to the divine flow of life within us, we loosen the hold that any control system has over us and come into our divine power. How this manifests within each of us will move through our personal filter system first. So whatever tradition you come from will be a big factor in how you experience this.

We are all ready to flower and the more each one of us takes the time to sit in silence and appreciate the divinity within, the quicker the awakening will have a knock-on effect for all of us.

“As soon as a critical mass of electrons is aligned within an atom – as soon as that single electron tipping point happens – you have phase transition, then all of the other electrons follow suit. Once there are enough of you that align to your divine consciousness and start to operate from it deliberately and consistently, all others of your species will automatically do the same. It will not be a struggle once that point has been reached. It will unfold as if a symphony was playing and the transformation of your world will happen on all levels in many different ways.” – The Galactic Council

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We are all in this together and if you are going through the more intense part of your awakening then just know that you are not alone and the whole universe loves you.

We love you all, thanks for reading.






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