Blog post #3 – Play, have fun, laugh and be in your joy.

Hello lovely Lightworkers,

The pressure is on and we are being squeezed like never before in tension and deliberate misdirection. What seems like madness is necessary for us as a collective to come to our centre. What seems like the worst things that could be happening are actually the best things for us to let go of the branches and spread our wings into divine sovereign mastery and trust our wings to fly. Birds don’t rely on the tree, when one falls, they fly away to the next one. The old systems are failing and the lower parts of our consciousness know that their time is near an end. The more souls that awaken, bring us ever nearer to the physical manifestation of the Utopia that we can all have right now within our spiritual experience.



This Christ heart has nothing to do with religious belief or family tradition. Unconditional love is what the Christ heart is. As we grow out of the conditioning of control and relax into our divine centre, we start seeing things energetically and allow the peace to descend upon us. It is from this place that all divine gifts start to open and we are boosted with divine confidence and courage.

Detachment from the global drama is vital right now. As empaths it is important to recognise what is happening instead of allowing ourselves to absorb the mix of fear, panic and despair etc. We are here for a divine mission and that is only to spread hope and love through shining the truth of our divine core. Letting go and letting God is more relevant than ever before as things escalate.



The  144,000 members of the Army of love are being fully activated right now. Those who feel this remembrance within them will feel a greater pull this year to get on with whatever it is that brings them the greatest joy. This is the key to your mission. It’s not about preaching, baptising or anointing. That will be accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Only follow that path if it is your greatest joy. What has been done in the past has served its purpose now. Those who have been reincarnated to facilitate the transition of this planet to the next stage of their evolution have a very simple task.  To follow the dictates of their highest excitement and blissful realisation of their own capabilities. When we follow what we think we ‘Should’ be doing from an old paradigm perspective, instead of following our joy, we hinder our path and confuse our vibration. Play, have fun, become children again in your wonder. You are divinely supported in this!

I have had many clients who have spent a lot of time in activating chakras, eating right, chanting, doing yoga and praying for the majority of their lives exclusively and looking for divine compensation for their ‘Work’. Wailing at God “Why doesn’t this work! If I’d known it was going to be a waste of time I’d have spent my time doing XYZ instead”. This is the cosmic joke. For the divine (That is really you) wants you to spend your lives doing the XYZ that you would rather be doing in the first place. All of the spiritual disciplines are important to open yourselves up to the greater joy that this human life can bring you. You wouldn’t think about going out of your house without making yourself presentable. You brush your hair, dress appropriately, put on deodorant, make up and brush your teeth. These basic things are important to your day. But you don’t spend the whole day doing these things. These are simply preparation for you to have a productive day. In the same way spiritual disciplines are the way to make your vessels prepared for the fun that you can have within this existence. The more they bring you joy and bliss, the more you will do them anyway because they will be your highest excitement. But they are fundamentally there to activate the evolving abilities and awareness in you fully, in preparation for you to do the XYZ that excites you greatly. There is no mistake in what you love to do. For me it is playing pool. If I spend the whole day playing pool I am in total bliss. That doesn’t stop me making sure I meditate and pray etc because I understand now that these things are essential to me fully enjoying this divine experience.


When someone is on their path of joy it is very easy to see. I remember watching Steve Irwin with immense fascination because of the passion that he exhibited and the love that he had for the animals that he filmed. He has inspired many more to walk the same path also.

Recognising there are many different paths you can walk that can fill you with bliss is important. And that things are always subject to change, the more you evolve and transform. You may have one thing that you are so fascinated with that you master completely in this lifetime. Or there may be many things that you love doing at many different times and your heart bursts for them all. You are uniquely designed in your current experience of life. But you are also exactly the same as all of the other divine beings here insofar as when you connect first to the divine within, you are given the power and grace to embrace fully the life that excites you the most.

Play, have fun, laugh and be in your joy.

Blessings and divine love to you,

Thank you for reading,

Robbie Mackenzie

PS – Please share if this inspired you or if you were helped and wish to help another. Paying it forward always comes back to you again and again. I’m still finding my feet with the site and how best to proceed. I am blessed by your positive energy and love in all your beautiful private messages on Facebook. Thank you for your love.


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