Blog post #9 – A month around the block

A Month around the block

So I decided that I would challenge myself to push the envelope on my new cleanse. I started a plan to jog around the block for a month. Increasing the distance by one block each time. I calculated that the distance was .273 miles and so by the end of the forty days I would be doing 10.92 miles a day and be much fitter than I have been for a while. I pictured the end of the month to be a grand triumph and I would be ripped and beaming with fitness.

Well, as Robbie Burns said – “The best-laid schemes o mice and men gang aft agley” (Often go awry!) and he was right in this case. I had not factored into the plan my old knee injury. Any of you who have read ‘Twin Flames, Merkabas and more’ will know what I mean. And after 6 days it blew up like a balloon. I have been in so much pain for the last month that I have not done much writing or participating in anything really apart from the new T-shirt designs and some poetic creativity. I’ve have been basically feeling a little silly. To paraphrase Chip Proser, my enthusiastic ambition was writing cheques my body couldn’t cash. The running plan obviously has been binned for now though I did like the idea and even started writing a new book with the title ‘A month around the block’. It was going so well until day 6. Pushing the envelope is good. But listening to your body is much more important. I didn’t and am suffering for it now.

I have not done the forty days yet. I have been trying to stay off social media and am revving myself up to get it done as soon as possible. I just wanted to update you as I have had many inbox messages asking me how it is going. Well, it’s not, for now. But I will be up and running again as soon as possible. I will just learn from my mistake and not push the limits of my body too far, too fast.

Thank you for all your loving support.

I love you all

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