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You are ready or you simply would not be reading this. Let go and let your divine self lead you to a greater destiny than you could ever imagine. Feel the bliss of your magical self calling you to fun, happiness, passion and much much more. It is time to fully embrace your power. It is time to meet your soul family and connect with your cosmic tribe. It your time to shine!


Divine channel of Metatron - Robbie Mackenzie

This is the most exciting time that the World has ever seen. You are changing into the best version of yourself... Join my group in NYC as we spin our Merkabas in Central Park and around the globe with the lovely Taunya and Elan. You can join in on Skype and when we are there we look forward to meeting you in person.


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Blog post #8 – Messiah complex unpacked

Hello, lovely lightworkers,

There comes a point in your awakening when you realize that you are divine. You are the one that you have been waiting for, and the realization can come with some distress. Some people do this overtly and declare their messiah status publicly to great ridicule like David Icke famously did on the talk show ‘Wogan’ to the sniggers and jeers of the crowd. Some declare it to their Mum or a family member like Russell Brand did, saying that he was Jesus reborn. Some keep it to themselves and fear the onset of mental illness and some do have a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bi-polar where their experience goes between believing they are here to save the world in some grandiose scenario and suddenly the very opposite. No matter how you awaken to your divinity it will come with some psychological readjustment.

It’s a massive epiphany to realize and then experience that as we are all one energy system, that part of you really is Jesus, but also that part of you really is Hitler too. It’s only in balancing our light and dark that we can come to peace and transcend the battle of the ego within us and recognize that this is all a big play. The deeper you awaken to your inner truth, the more bliss you will be able to embody and the less you will judge the darker parts of yourself.

We gave this experience to ourself in order to experience contrast, growth and have a  powerful subjective experience. The awakening is happening all over the world and the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more you will be empowered to understand that the core of you is love/god/energy. That God has many faces, both light and dark and you are them all in your ultimate truth. And the you that you have chosen to be in this lifetime, whoever that may be, has much more choice over your reality and how you experience it than you probably understand.

We have all been influenced by many different ideas, ideologies, ways of living, believing and behaving from our ancestors. Each one of us has a complex programming that has been formed through our initial lessons in life from our prime carers as children through whatever system of learning that we have encountered. Our friends, family, and society around us have all added to this vision we have of ourself since our birth and it continues through each day that we encounter new concepts.  As we awaken more and begin to question why we think the way we do and who’s thoughts and beliefs they really are, from the past and influences right now, the closer we come to operating from deliberate choice instead of from programming.

The enduring factor in all of our history, no matter who’s name we ascribe to its origin, is prayer and meditation. As we tap into our potential through a focus of our breath, posture, intention, and surrender to the divine flow of life within us, we loosen the hold that any control system has over us and come into our divine power. How this manifests within each of us will move through our personal filter system first. So whatever tradition you come from will be a big factor in how you experience this.

We are all ready to flower and the more each one of us takes the time to sit in silence and appreciate the divinity within, the quicker the awakening will have a knock-on effect for all of us.

“As soon as a critical mass of electrons is aligned within an atom – as soon as that single electron tipping point happens – you have phase transition, then all of the other electrons follow suit. Once there are enough of you that align to your divine consciousness and start to operate from it deliberately and consistently, all others of your species will automatically do the same. It will not be a struggle once that point has been reached. It will unfold as if a symphony was playing and the transformation of your world will happen on all levels in many different ways.” – The Galactic Council

If this post resonated with you please share and have a look at the new book which tells the story of my life, awakening and how I met my beautiful Twin Flame Angelina.

We are all in this together and if you are going through the more intense part of your awakening then just know that you are not alone and the whole universe loves you.

We love you all, thanks for reading.






Blog post #7 – A life altering experience

Hello, lovely lightworkers,

This is an excerpt from my new book –‘Twin Flames, Merkabas and more’ available here.

“An event happened that would, in time, help to completely change the course of my life. I had a painful toothache for several weeks. But my dentist was unavailable until after we got back from a weeks summer holiday. I was a misery guts for most of the week. The tooth had a hole in it so big that I could fit the end of my tongue into it. I guess a filling had fallen out or something. But whatever the cause, it was really painful, despite taking strong painkillers. The week was an awful blur for me because of it.

Pontins holiday park in Wales. A six-hour coach journey either way. So for the trip back, I bought a few books to read. One of these books was called the ‘Super Humans’ and had different accounts of Holy men, healers, telekinesis and the like. One of the people featured was a ‘Psychic Dentist’. I can’t remember his name, but the story went that he used to smack people with both hands on the cheeks and repeat the exclamation “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be thou whole” I was in severe pain and willing to give anything a go at that point. It wasn’t a full bus. I had a double seat to myself and there was no-one looking. So I repeated the process on myself, continued reading the book, and forgot about it.

When we arrived back in Paisley I realized that the pain had completely gone and I couldn’t feel a hole in the tooth anymore. I mentioned it to my wife and she said to keep the appointment with the dentist anyway as I may have just got some food stuck in it or something. A few days later the dentist confirmed that it “Had been heavily filled” that he hadn’t done it, didn’t know what it had been filled with. And that it was a really good job. He was a born-again Christian and as I told him the story he didn’t seem surprised.

This was life-changing for me in the way I viewed the religious world. I knew that I could communicate with spirit telepathically as I had always done. But I did think I maybe just had a vivid imagination. I always vowed that I wouldn’t do anything like medium-ship, evangelism or psychic stuff unless I knew it was real. Because it looked like such a sham and they seemed more interested in donations than actually helping anyone. But now I was given an event that I couldn’t deny of the power of healing because the evidence was in my own mouth. It took some time to sink in. As I discussed it with different people I was met with incredulity and funny looks by some. And reinforcement of Gods power by others. On the trip to Canada, I asked my Wife’s Minister Uncle his opinion about it and he said it was a “Faith builder.” It was God showing me the power of healing and that I was on the right path.”

Twin Flames, Merkabas and more

Blog post #6 – Apocalypse Apathy Alert

Excerpt from ‘Twin Flames, Merkabas and more’ – Available HERE

If ten people were in a small room on an isolated base on the moon. And they had a machine that created enough oxygen for them to breathe. Then one of them tried to break the machine and start a fire that would burn up the rest of the oxygen. The other people would stop it, no question, right? We are in a finite biosphere on the Earth. We are burning fossil fuel at a crazy rate and If we don’t have the trees and plants to absorb the Co2 and create oxygen, we will not survive. The Amazon is being cut down systematically for profit. The oceans, which provide most of our oxygen and transform a great deal of the Co2, is being polluted with all of the plastic waste. And the rise in temperatures means the phytoplankton, which is 70% of our oxygen machine, is dying. Forget so much about flooding, we can always live on boats. But we can’t survive without breathing.

“Right now there is simply no need for you to pollute your atmosphere burning fossil fuels that you believe you must rely upon. The energy that surrounds you, that is within your planet and that is upon your planet is far greater and much safer than you are currently using. Once again it is only economics and the very small percentage of your population that benefit from the current paradigm. They are not only keeping you cold in your winters but are draining your bank account unnecessarily. The technology to change this is already here. With the current projection of your collective mindset and the plans of your lower chakra selves in the oppression of your population, it will be fifty years before you are fully free from this boil that needs to be burst. However, with each one of you that joins the Galactic Council, that magnifies your potential and that opens up the new paradigm that frees you from the oppression and the fear dynamic, you shave time off the linear time frame. Raise your voices and come together in your inspiration and transformation.” – The Galactic Council

When a system has proven to be detrimental to the whole and is having catastrophic effects on the biosphere with profit as its only concern, there has to be change, and it has to be quick. In The Third Industrial Revolution, Jeremy Rifkin has outlined achievable plans to change the global infrastructure from old worn out energy systems to renewable, sustainable and ecologically efficient ones. This is the practical application of Technological Ascension, with Societal Ascension. How we achieve this will have to be in cooperation with each other. The corruption and money interests must be overcome to achieve it. And this will take our Spiritual Ascension to raise consciousness so we stop impeding our own progress. The love we have for each other is the motivating force for making this change.

“Love sees no obstacles. It runs marathons, leaps chasms, breaks down barriers to achieve its goal. It never fails.” – Metatron

Blog post #5 – Ascension WTF is that?

Excerpt from ‘Twin Flames, Merkabas and more’ – Available here

What exactly is ascending? With all of the different people and groups promoting Ascension. There are many takes on what that means. It can be confusing as to what is really going on. Especially when first starting out on this journey. There are so many different opinions. And because of the passion that people embody when they first awaken. It can seem like it reinforces the effects of the ego instead of diminishing it. That passion is great but the most powerful thing is always working on yourself instead of just trying to change the world. The world changes more rapidly when we work on our own consciousness than anything else. Our peace and the love that we emanate multiplies the energy which empowers people, unlike proselytizing. When the energy is pure, people are inspired and led to follow the feeling and teaching instead of just the teacher. That is where the real magic lies.

Spiritual ascension is the recognition, awareness, and ability to practically apply the blessings that come with understanding, and ultimately experiencing that we are all one energy system. When this is experienced, inner and outer peace follow as a result. This has been happening to individuals for thousands of years. Ascension for mankind is the reaching of a critical mass of people who have had this experience. The knock on effect of this is world peace, complete global enlightenment and a society that reflects that state of being.

Ascension is on many levels. Our Technological Ascension is in full swing and the world is rapidly changing in this way. Moore’s law stated that technology would double every eighteen months to two years. This is not really a law, but more of a prediction by Gordon Moore, the guy that started Intel. Stating that the number of transistors that can fit on a microchip would double every two years or so. It has become a belief about all advancements in technology. It was only a prediction for a ten year period in 1965 and yet it has held pretty accurately for over 50 years now and shows no signs of stopping. What this means is that we are getting pretty advanced by our recent standards. And science fiction is increasingly becoming science fact. If we can go from Horse and cart to space flight in less than a hundred years. Just imagine what we can do if technology keeps doubling at this rate.

Our Societal Ascension is also in full swing and rapidly accelerating. It has moved forward in leaps and bounds in the last 50 years also with the conscious awareness of human rights, women’s rights and the civil rights movement being an essential part of the zeitgeist. The more aware we are of what is actually going on in different parts of the world. The easier it will be for us as a collective to discern the best path forward. The 1% vs 99% understanding, occupy movement and truth revealers or “Whistleblowers” that have emerged are all raising awareness of what is actually going on and who is and isn’t benefitting. People are growing in dissatisfaction with the status quo and the more the truth is brought into view, the more we are inspired and motivated to make changes.

The Galactic Council puts it that we are graduating. That the graduation classes are over the next fifty years.

”You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” – John 8:32

We are becoming more and more consciously aware that we are programmable. Mental Ascension is de-programming ourselves from old, disempowering, controlling structures of thought and discovering our true potential. Our abilities are immense but our collective beliefs are many times limiting and obstructing our happiness and peace.

“Recognize the power of your words. The power of your programming. For this is what words do, they program you. And recognizing that you have autonomy over which words you assimilate within your being will free you to create the life that you wish to have, instead of settling for the life that others have used words to create within you. The more wisely you choose your reading materials, the faster your transformation. Also in choosing how you express yourself wisely. This is a very powerful key to your transformation. You have the power to affect many others with your words, every individual that you come into contact with when you are being mindful of your speech and discerning in the assimilation of the words you hear. Recognize the patterns of the words you hear from others. Whether they are on a loop of hypnosis from others or whether they are deliberately projecting their words to you or to others. Avoid the beings who are deliberately projecting negative, vitriol, gossip, hatred etc. Actively seek the company of those who use their words wisely in love, in empowerment, and in peace. And deliberately project upon those caught in cycles of hypnosis and conditioning, positive messages, positive transformational words. The word is the key to your transformation in its current state. As you transcend the different levels of consciousness and ascend much higher in your evolution. Words will be of no importance. As you will communicate on much deeper levels. However, at this stage of your development. Recognize, appreciate and utilize your words as effectively and succinctly as you possibly can.” – The Galactic Council.

Book available HERE

Blog post #4 – Metatron revving things up

Hello lovely lightworkers,

This new crop circle just appeared. Metatron is revving things up and we are being energised. We are ready for the next stage of our ascension. No matter what you do it is important that you do SOMETHING to help raise your vibration. This is a time of great intensity and the more you open up to your divine abilities, the easier time you will have and the less confused you will be.

Be aware of the vibration you take into your body. Be aware of the thoughts from yourself or others that inhibit your joy or pull you down in any way.

Be on guard for testing forces and open your heart to as much unconditional love as possible. This is the key to opening your merkaba. And it is important that this knowledge is spread far and wide to all of those that are ready to open their merkabas up. Most of humanity are still sleeping with regards to their divinity but all are divine nevertheless.

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer and always look within. Ask to be shown what you need to help you access your divine gifts. If you pray with a pure intention you will be led very quickly to what you need to learn and in what format that will appear in.

Have a wee look at my interview if you haven’t already 


We are all just divine reflections of each other and our power is opening up the more we spread the love and recognise the reality of what this ascension means for us in real terms.

We love you all,

In love, joy, service (And great excitement after seeing this last sign)

Please share if it excites you too

Blog post #3 – Play, have fun, laugh and be in your joy.

Hello lovely Lightworkers,

The pressure is on and we are being squeezed like never before in tension and deliberate misdirection. What seems like madness is necessary for us as a collective to come to our centre. What seems like the worst things that could be happening are actually the best things for us to let go of the branches and spread our wings into divine sovereign mastery and trust our wings to fly. Birds don’t rely on the tree, when one falls, they fly away to the next one. The old systems are failing and the lower parts of our consciousness know that their time is near an end. The more souls that awaken, bring us ever nearer to the physical manifestation of the Utopia that we can all have right now within our spiritual experience.



This Christ heart has nothing to do with religious belief or family tradition. Unconditional love is what the Christ heart is. As we grow out of the conditioning of control and relax into our divine centre, we start seeing things energetically and allow the peace to descend upon us. It is from this place that all divine gifts start to open and we are boosted with divine confidence and courage.

Detachment from the global drama is vital right now. As empaths it is important to recognise what is happening instead of allowing ourselves to absorb the mix of fear, panic and despair etc. We are here for a divine mission and that is only to spread hope and love through shining the truth of our divine core. Letting go and letting God is more relevant than ever before as things escalate.



The  144,000 members of the Army of love are being fully activated right now. Those who feel this remembrance within them will feel a greater pull this year to get on with whatever it is that brings them the greatest joy. This is the key to your mission. It’s not about preaching, baptising or anointing. That will be accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Only follow that path if it is your greatest joy. What has been done in the past has served its purpose now. Those who have been reincarnated to facilitate the transition of this planet to the next stage of their evolution have a very simple task.  To follow the dictates of their highest excitement and blissful realisation of their own capabilities. When we follow what we think we ‘Should’ be doing from an old paradigm perspective, instead of following our joy, we hinder our path and confuse our vibration. Play, have fun, become children again in your wonder. You are divinely supported in this!

I have had many clients who have spent a lot of time in activating chakras, eating right, chanting, doing yoga and praying for the majority of their lives exclusively and looking for divine compensation for their ‘Work’. Wailing at God “Why doesn’t this work! If I’d known it was going to be a waste of time I’d have spent my time doing XYZ instead”. This is the cosmic joke. For the divine (That is really you) wants you to spend your lives doing the XYZ that you would rather be doing in the first place. All of the spiritual disciplines are important to open yourselves up to the greater joy that this human life can bring you. You wouldn’t think about going out of your house without making yourself presentable. You brush your hair, dress appropriately, put on deodorant, make up and brush your teeth. These basic things are important to your day. But you don’t spend the whole day doing these things. These are simply preparation for you to have a productive day. In the same way spiritual disciplines are the way to make your vessels prepared for the fun that you can have within this existence. The more they bring you joy and bliss, the more you will do them anyway because they will be your highest excitement. But they are fundamentally there to activate the evolving abilities and awareness in you fully, in preparation for you to do the XYZ that excites you greatly. There is no mistake in what you love to do. For me it is playing pool. If I spend the whole day playing pool I am in total bliss. That doesn’t stop me making sure I meditate and pray etc because I understand now that these things are essential to me fully enjoying this divine experience.


When someone is on their path of joy it is very easy to see. I remember watching Steve Irwin with immense fascination because of the passion that he exhibited and the love that he had for the animals that he filmed. He has inspired many more to walk the same path also.

Recognising there are many different paths you can walk that can fill you with bliss is important. And that things are always subject to change, the more you evolve and transform. You may have one thing that you are so fascinated with that you master completely in this lifetime. Or there may be many things that you love doing at many different times and your heart bursts for them all. You are uniquely designed in your current experience of life. But you are also exactly the same as all of the other divine beings here insofar as when you connect first to the divine within, you are given the power and grace to embrace fully the life that excites you the most.

Play, have fun, laugh and be in your joy.

Blessings and divine love to you,

Thank you for reading,

Robbie Mackenzie

PS – Please share if this inspired you or if you were helped and wish to help another. Paying it forward always comes back to you again and again. I’m still finding my feet with the site and how best to proceed. I am blessed by your positive energy and love in all your beautiful private messages on Facebook. Thank you for your love.


Blog post #2 – Bombing them the right way

Hello lovely lightworkers,

The last few days have been full of amazing energetic connections. My Twin Flame Angelina and I are still spiritually high as a kite from the snow full moon, eclipse and divine comet events that are still turbo charging things. This is a very powerful launch energy that is taking things to a whole different level. Early in the night we, spontaneously, decided to put out a friendship bomb on ‘Lightworkers of the World’ Facebook group and the love that has been floating around it has been really powerful. There are many new connections that are being heightened by the divine outpouring of love that the heavenly forces are putting into place.

This was the post –

“Tonight is a very special night of new triumphant beginnings and massive shifts in positive energy that will continue for the next few weeks so let’s ride the wave of positivity. They say that everyone is within six degrees of separation from anyone else in the world. Maybe this is the moment that you meet your dreams and fulfill your destiny. Maybe this is the chain reaction that will bring you the friend that defines that word or the lover that fulfills your twin flame prophecy. Enjoy the new friendships no matter where they lead.”

We posted and forgot about it. I thought that it would maybe get a few likes and we’d make a few friends, but suddenly the energetic rush of love was really intense. That feeling of deja vu was there and we could feel the grid lighting up.

We are both empaths and have recently felt, as most sensitives have been feeling, the great polarity shift that is happening globally. The dark is getting darker as events are showing but the light that is expanding is more than has ever been on this planet before. This is lighting up all that needs changed and revealing what has been going on that we are only now becoming aware of. Our part in this, as Lightworkers, is to live in as much freedom, peace and joy as we possibly can. This shift is about our state of consciousness and the more we vibe with our global tribe, the more we are carried on the waves of high vibration to the place we all want to create together. This is part of the excitement that came with this post.

Years ago, when I first awoke, I had an experience of amazing energy moving through me from my crown chakra down through my body and out into the ground. The energy, still connected to me moved outwards sparkling in all different colours throughout the whole earth as I was standing there. As soon as the energy had subsided I made a quick sketch so I could remember it.

“As I lifted my arms it came through me and dispersed all over the World. Lighting up what looked like chicken wire in different layers and different colours. The shapes becoming smaller and smaller all over the globe in a big network of tiny capillaries. I felt like I had just plugged into the planet. Feeling joy and voices of everyone and everything and a sense of having arrived. Like I was ready for something but I didn’t know what.”

When I first posted the friend bomb I had a deja vu about this happening and as the connections began to grow, I felt it more and more. This time is a turning point in our mission as Lightworkers. In the run up to this time I was urged to get this website up and running for all the souls that are ready to awaken and that will need help energetically. When I awoke I had no idea that my Twin Flame was in Spain and had no urge to go there at all apart from maybe a holiday. If you are still waiting to meet yours and they are incarnated right now they are in one of the countries below. There is a friend waiting to happen in each of these places for all of us too and many people just waiting to wake up into their divine magnificence. Each one of these places needs our love and there are Lightworkers in them all. There are no wars anymore if we join together in love. There are no borders anymore if we connect our hearts, minds and souls. There is friendship, passion, prosperity and peace for us all if we start to see these flags as beautiful wrapping paper containing the magnificent gift of divine connection and start to embrace it fully.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 05.11.39

As the names grew and the connections added both me and my Angelina, people were being very kind and the deja vu’s continued. I was posting a hello to all that added me as well as a link to an article that Anna Merkaba had written about her experiences with one of my books. To my surprise two of the adds were people who were in the middle of reading my first Metatron book. Latika Sharma and Urvashi Goja were the ladies and very enthusiastic about it. Urvashi said “I am already reading this book! Don’t tell you are the one who wrote it!” And sent me this pic –

This happened because the friendship bomb dropped at the perfect time and raised our vibration so that beautiful things happened to us. That is my gift from this blanket friendship bombing and the only collateral damage is goodwill and wonder at the magnificence of the Universe.

This is the only type of bombs that we should ever drop. And we should drop them more and more often. Love bombs, peace bombs, healing bombs and bombs of joy. Bombs of hope and bombs of light. It’s the only way to do this right. We are the wayshowers and the scribes of change. The old ways are never going to work. Even those flags were designed by someone else, following someone else’s agenda. Those are the colours of our past and the wrapping paper of our future. It’s time to unwrap the gifts the Universe wants us to see.

If you want to add your name and find a new friend on this thread,  HERE is the post again.

(You may have to join the facebook group first)

Blessings and love to you all,

Thank you for reading,

Robbie Mackenzie

PS – Please share if you feel inspired.

PPS – Posting on this thread has been disabled now as it was so popular it was stopping others getting new posts in the group. But that doesn’t stop you going on and liking the beautiful loving souls that have already opened their hearts to make new connections. And if you share it too we could feasibly reach souls in EVERY country on the flag list. This comet may have started the avalanche of love that ignites all 144,000 of us into our divine potential. Each twin soul with their other half!

PPPS- – I just remembered that we did two friendship bombs that night. One was on my own page so if you would still like to participate you can add your name here. If you’ve found your way synchronistically here then this may be the reason for it.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon

First post dedicated to Tanya Mackenzie



Hello lovely people,

We recently had a massive shock when my sister-in-law Tanya passed away a few weeks ago. She was only 46 and one of the most honest and real people that I have ever met. I have known her since I was five years old and her death is still sinking in now.

Tanya was not a religious or traditionally spiritual person. She didn’t meditate or do any practice in that regard at all. She was just simply genuine and kind and would do anything for anyone that asked. She often helped me out when I needed it and finally became a member of our family when she married my brother last year. The truth is she had always been a part of the family but was very pleased to have the official title. She hadn’t even been married a year before she was taken from us.

I know that she is okay and has passed through the veil of illusion to the other side of life but the human part of me is still coming to terms with someone so young not being part of my life anymore. Grief is one of the hardest things to bear and one of the most potent catalysts for change that we ever face.

I turn 46 this year also and that is part of the reason why I have made the concerted effort to get this website up and running at last. Life, in this form is fleeting and we will never be in this form, with this set of circumstances again. Each life is unique and every character within it is playing a new role in each incarnation. I was blessed to know Tanya in this lifetime and her approach to life and the lives that she touched will always stand as a great example of what the religious and spiritual experience is striving for in character.

I am dedicating this first post on the site to you Tanya. Thank you for your friendship and being a stalwart throughout the years. You will forever be in our hearts.

Blessings and love to you all,

Thanks for reading,

Robbie Mackenzie



If you know you have something more to do with this life than simply exist, and feel a better destiny awaiting you, you are reading this for a reason!
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